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Re: SEUL: Searchable website!

Excellent idea. I was going to ask if you used a search engine when you listed
the three occurrences of 'usered' in a previous post. The Linux Journal uses
the same search engine on their web site. I don't know which is better but
Linux Journal has their archives listed in the reverse order to SEUL's, namely
current to older. Also another site has them in the same order as SEUL's but
has a link to the current one. This helps when the number of posts gets large.
Just ideas. Finally on the education page we should change the computerbank
piece to:

    ComputerBank is a project to reload old 386 PCs tossed out by corporations
with lightweight, free Linux applications, for distribution to kids in low-
income families who can't afford a new PC.

Also I was just able to reach the site. I subscribed to it and will keep
everyone posted. Can't think of anything else.