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SEUL: Re: [Freehive-list] SEUL and/or Linuxunited projects?

In message <w4zbtlmyzmv.fsf@nocto.styx.net>, joakim@styx.net writes:
>/ Roger Dingledine <arma@mit.edu> wrote:
>> Leo requested earlier that we suggest projects that could use some help
>> in web design. While our webpage at http://www.seul.org/ seems to get the
>> job done, I would welcome comments from people who actually know something
>> about graphical design. :) We were aiming for short and concise (and pretty
>> easily lynxed). Also, if somebody has a brilliant idea for a logo (plus
>> comes up with a graphic for it), I'm all ears.
>I think this page works quite well. There are a few things you could do here to
>improve it, as there almost always is, though. The blue background does very
>little, and could be replaced by a simple blue color. The colors used are
>pretty nice. You could use a logo, so if you want, someone here can probably

Yeah..the more I look at it, the more I realize that a good logo could really
spruce up the site a lot. Given that we're getting ready to put out the first
version of the Independence distrib (www.independence.seul.org), a logo might
be an even more useful idea.

If you guys would like to design a logo or set up a logo contest or however
you feel it should be done, we would be most appreciative.

I can provide all sorts of space and bandwidth if you need it, but that
doesn't look like it'll be issue.