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Re: SEUL: Request for comments: seul logo

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> The Freehive project has been kind enough to design a sample logo for us:
> http://www.freehive.org/projects/seul/seul-leo-0.gif
> and now is the time to provide comments before they polish it up and move
> on.
> If you have any comments at all on the logo or suggestions for a different
> design, please let me or the list know. All suggestions welcome. (Positive
> comments are welcome as well. :)

I like the green and white design.  My dad was a newspaperman for 32
years, and I absorbed a little graphic design theory by osmosis.  One of
the things I remember is that the more whizbang you make your nameplate
(logo, here), the harder it will be for people to read.  You want
something memorable and simple; preferably with design elements that can
suggest the logo when used elsewhere.  You also want something that can
be scaled down in size and resolution and still be recognizably the same
logo.  I think this one works in those areas.  The white curves could be
used to frame textual areas on a page, and if the background was the
same green color you'd have a very nice tie-in.

One thing I should mention.  When I first looked at seul-leo-0.gif, I
saw the red background of the bottom version as a red bar at the bottom
of the green version (Netscape 4.x, 800x600 maximized).  I thought that
looked pretty nice.  You might want to try throwing a red bar at the
bottom of seul-lithis-0.gif and see what you think.

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