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Re: SEUL: linux for the masses

Brian Wiens wrote:
> The list has been fairly quiet lately so I figured that the deep-think would not
> be inappropriate.  However, I'll try to limit my counter-posts to this one
> (difficult now that I'm on holidays :-) ).
> This topic interests me and I would be interested in continuing it in private if
> this is the wrong forum (no flames, vigourous intellectual debate should not
> trigger emotional responses :-) ).  I would like to understand this whole topic
> better and the members of SEUL are some of the best placed to comment on the issue
> of the average user.

Suits me; let's keep it here (and invite others to join us in reasoned
discussion) as long as Roger will let us.  I'd type more, but I'm just
finishing work and on my way home.

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