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SEUL: Re: alt.os.linux.projects

In message <3682A6A3.2E5F0455@durham.ac.uk>, s.m.waldman@durham.ac.uk writes:
>Do you guys know about this group? I think it's new, it's only just
>appeared on our uni server. It's moderated.
>> By the way, this group will be dedicated to the cordination of Linux related
>> projects.  Wether it be developing a distribution of Linux, to hacking Linux
>> to work with a toaster :P.

We don't get it (yet) at mit, but I read on dejanews what appear to be
their three posts. I hate to say it, but so far it looks to be just
yet another guy trying to solve the world's problems by starting a
new group. Does somebody who gets this newsgroup want to keep
monitoring it and let us know if anything interesting starts
happening on it?