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Re: SEUL: New links2.html doc

In message <aa8396af.3685ba79@aol.com>, eamorical@aol.com writes:
>While I was sitting here pondering what shall I try and do next, I read
>through Roger's and Brian's posts to this topic. Sounds like I've got some
>work to do. Anyway during the past week I learned of the following two really
>good links. Perhaps they could be added.

I've mailed you the links2.sdoc file. The pattern for how to add new
links and new sections should be clear. Just make it look like the
other ones, in terms of the html tags. No need to 'know' html.

>http://www.cheek.com/linux/kb  linux knowledgebase
>Check this one out. It is being put together by Joseph Cheek, Director of
>Cheek Consulting in Seattle, Wa. The goal is to archive all technical linux
>information in an easily-searchable format available via a web browser or on
>the command line. I guess this one should come after the Linux Documentation
>I believe we are using the same search engine. To me this appears to have some
>real possibilities for us. We need to think about it. Maybe for Taskhelps.

This is a pretty poor knowledge base currently. Not because they don't have
much info (they don't), but because their db schema is pretty much non-
existent. meaning, joseph hasn't given much thought to scaling this thing
up to a really big size (lots of users or lots of data). Anyway, I
expect www.linuxkb.org to come online in the next month or so. It's
been around longer than cheek's linuxkb, tho it hasn't gone public yet.
We're going to be getting together with mr cheek within the week to discuss
plans, goals, and working together.

>In (http://www.seul.org/archives/seul/pub/Dec-1998/msg00053.html) Roger
>There appears to be no link from the web site to "links2". Perhaps we could
>switch the link on the front page to "links2" and at the bottom of "links2"
>put a link to the original saying something like "More links located here".
>Also I would suggest moving the educational links on the seul-edu Homepage to
>an educational section on "links2" and having just a link from the seul-edu
>Homepage to the educational section. The URL to "Linux in the Classroom
>(LITC)" brings up Unknown Host and the URL to ComputerBank has changed to

I've fixed the Computerbank one. Thanks for pointing that out. lowrent.org
is on hold (the domain is), so LitC isn't going to exist until it comes
back up. I think I'll send off a mail to the admin of the domain, asking
what's up and if he needs some help. I talked to him a couple months ago,
but I don't remember who he was. (So many people, so little time..)

>Thanks Brian for your suggestions. Actually I've spent a lot of time just
>staring at it. At one time or another, I thought about the GUI category, but
>then there would only be two items (GNOME and KDE). I also thought about the
>commercial software category for Star Office and Applixware but then what do I
>do with GIMP and Samba. These two seem to be beyond the development category.
>And so it went on and on. Anyway I'll give it some more thought and at least
>some descriptions can be added. Slowly we're making progress on a number of
>fronts. I guess the Linux advocacy documents project will eventually take care
>of advocacy links. As Roger noted many links are out of date. This was a big
>problem in selecting links. I view the end user as a customer and one only
>sends a customer to good links if they want the customer to be happy. In time
>we'll find the really good links. We found two more this week.
>>All said, however, the new page is an improvement over the previous one.

Ok. I'll link links2 from the front page. I'm also going to make an
"associated projects" list one day soon, so I can keep track of things.
It will be a status report with how we're working together with each
of the projects on the list.

I'm also thinking of listing a whole bunch of related-projects, such
as wxftp, project independence, geda, freecase, freehdl, linuxkb,
lute, etc etc etc from the seul front page. Clearly we don't have space for
all of these, but I'm pondering it nonetheless.