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SEUL: Warning of possible seul downtime

We're going to be announcing the first version of the Project
Independence distribution early this coming week (within the next
several days, probably), and I haven't set any wuftp user limits
on cran. I figure I'll try to evaluate load and deal from there.

This means that cran might start behaving like a fractional-bogomip
machine for the next week, second-to-worst-case (worst case it dies
a flaming death, but I choose to ignore that possibility :)

Cran has only 100 megs of virtual memory, so there might be some
lossage there too. If things become bad, I'll move most of the pain
over to belegost (224 megs of real ram plus another 200 of swap
should cure most things...)

(I won't be in the same state as either of these machines for another
week, so hard reboots will be slow..)
Anyway, it'll all be under control within a week or so. Just wanted
to give you guys some warning. :) I don't expect any real downtime.