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RE: SEUL: request for comments on independence document (fwd)

I found these links in Windows simply by searching "Linux newbie" as I had
to figure out HOW to get online BEFORE I could get my box online.

"Johnny is a Linux newbie" http://webhelp.org/linux/main.html   Very chatty,
well organized, text based and printable.

http://linuxtopia.com/learnto   list of different files by program, like
bash, vim, etc.

http://sunsite.auc.dk/linux-newbie/FAQ2.htm  lots of info on setting up
files, how to change root password, and then make it more secure, shortcuts

http://www.crosswinds.net/~beginnerslinux/internete.html  step-by-step for
getting online from KDE using su, includes troubleshooting by error message

alt.os.linux.dial-up  for how to set up modem, dialer problems-but the site
above has most of the info.  This was my first experience reading newsgroups
even in Windows, so it was very informative as to protocol and how to get a
serious answer.

My difficulty was that I did not know what to do with the information
provided above-once the key of using terminal and a few commands were
explained to me, I had no more problems (except now I'm not sure where to
put apps that I download-I'm still reading.)   But I can load .jpg files
into GIMP from my Win98 partition!

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> However, until a programmer buddy of mine took the time to explain to me
> one uses the terminal to do things, I found Linux unusable except for

Could you give us a list of the newbie sites that you found useful, maybe
with commentary on what was useful or not so useful about each one, and
how to 'learn how to use it'?
That would be tremendously useful, to help other people in similar
situations and give them a head start.