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SEUL: settlers 1.1

I've uploaded an rpm and srpm for Settlers of Catan to incoming.redhat.com.
They are also available from ftp://ftp.seul.org/ftp/pub/settlers/
The i386 rpm is built for Redhat 6.x.

Note that you'll want to get the libsx 1.1 rpm as well (it's available from
the above site as well as on contrib).

   settlers-1.1-1.src.rpm                                 44588
   settlers-1.1-1.i386.rpm                                54800

Name        : settlers                     Relocations: (not relocateable)
Version     : 1.1                               Vendor: Torangan RPM's
Release     : 1                             Build Date: Sat Jan  1 19:15:37 2000
Install date: (not installed)               Build Host: torangan
Group       : X11/Games                     Source RPM: settlers-1.1-1.src.rpm
Size        : 146218                           License: GPL
Packager    : David Philippi <david@torangan.saar.de>
URL         : http://settlers.seul.org
Summary     : Settlers of Catan
Description :
Settlers of Catan is a multi-player, single-server game of growth and
expansion. It is based on the german game "Siedler von Catan".