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SEUL: Re: pingus rpm's

I was going to send the following mail, but I decided to actually
try out the rpm's first.
I installed it wonderfully, but I didn't have clanlib so it didn't
work. And it installed without checking if I had clanlib.

So I went and got the clanlib tgz, and it wanted Hermes. So I went
and got the hermes tgz. And then I built it and installed it, and then
I built clanlib and installed it. (Both of these should be rpm's if
Pingus is an rpm -- apparently there's a hermes rpm, but it's not on
cran? is there a clanlib rpm? it's not linked from your download page?)
But anyway, after all of that, pingus bombs out with
[arma@arma arma]$ /usr/games/pingus 
/usr/games/pingus: error in loading shared libraries: libclanlayer2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Now, first of all /usr/games isn't in my path, so I had to manually
rpm -qlp the rpm to figure out what I was supposed to be running.
After that, clanlib's make install put the lib into my
/usr/local/lib/, which is fine except the pingus binary doesn't
seem to be looking there by default. Now, I know I can fix this with
an env variable or a symlink from /usr/lib (had to do this for
libclan and libHermes as well), but it isn't exactly end-user-friendly
yet. :)

After that, I still have problems, but I imagine this is something
screwy with my clanlib installation rather than my pingus installation
(so it isn't an issue with the pingus rpm) :

[arma@arma arma]$ /usr/games/pingus 

ClanLib - 'Fuck the Millennium hype.' (release 0.2.3)

No config file found at: /home/arma/.pingus/options
pingus version 0.3.0a
Getting filenames...
pingus_homedir: /home/arma/.pingus/
pingus_datadir: /home/arma/.pingus/:/usr/share/games/pingus
Pingus Level File: 
Init ClanLib

Please select a display target by entering its abbreviation: 
        [x11] Native X11 target
        [svga] SVGAlib target
        [fbdev] Linux FBDEV target
Your choice: x11   
Using resolution: 640x480
X Error of failed request:  BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
  Major opcode of failed request:  1 (X_CreateWindow)
  Serial number of failed request:  8
  Current serial number in output stream:  15

Anyway.....I know pingus is still in development stages. But if
we want to mention it to redhat-announce, it needs to be a bit
cleaner. It would be good for publicity, but perhaps such an
announcement should be done a bit down the road.



To: redhat-announce-list@redhat.com
cc: seul-pub@seul.org, grumbel@seul.org
Subject: pingus
I've uploaded an rpm and srpm for Pingus to incoming.redhat.com.
They are also available from ftp://ftp.seul.org/ftp/pub/pingus/
The i386 rpm is built for Redhat 6.x.

   pingus-0.3.0a-3.src.rpm                              3068983
   pingus-0.3.0a-3.i386.rpm                             3524572

Name        : pingus                       Relocations: /usr
Version     : 0.3.0a                            Vendor: Torangan RPM's
Release     : 3                             Build Date: Sat Jan  1 19:07:51 2000
Install date: (not installed)               Build Host: torangan
Group       : Amusements/Games              Source RPM: pingus-0.3.0a-3.src.rpm
Size        : 4180503                          License: GPL
Packager    : David Philippi <david@torangan.saar.de>
URL         : http://dark.x.dtu.dk/~grumbel/pingus
Summary     : Pingus - A free Lemmings clone
Description :
Pingus is a free Lemmings clone covered under the GPL. Pingus uses
ClanLib, which should make it portable over a lot of operating systems
in the future. At the moment the main target is Linux. It is possible
to play Pingus in a X window or in fullscreen using DGA or fbdev.