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SEUL: ecasound 2.0.1 released

This release sums up the bug fixes and minor improvements since the
2.0.0 release. CVS-tree is tagged with 'v2_0_1'.

05062001 (v2.0.1)  -** stable release **-
	- added: ecasoundrc - default-to-internal-buffering; select
		 the default between -z:intbuf and -z:nointbuf
	- added: alternative C ECI implementation providing reentrant
		 access to the library; the new routines have a '_r' 
		 postfix and are located in libecasoundc [ajeanneau]
	- changed: completely rewritten mp3 header parsing; should 
		   fix most of the compatibility problems
	- fixed: disk buffers weren't properly flushed in -z:db mode 
		 when changing or setting processing position
	- fixed: bugs in assigning LADSPA plugin audio ports to 
	  	 ecasound chain channels
	- fixed: configure script failed if arts was installed 
	  	 without the devel files (arts-devel) 
	- fixed: bug in the MIDI-server code caused core dumps in
		 certain situations
	- fixed: bug in querying -klg parameter status
	- fixed: eiam - giving certain invalid arguments to 'cop-add'
		 and 'ctrl-add' crashed ecasound
	- fixed: bug in closing .raw files [smassy]
	- fixed: eiam - cop-inxed-select renamed to cop-index-select
	- fixed: bugs in loop device channel handling
	- fixed: changing internal sample rate caused problems to 
		 the noise gate effect (-enm)

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