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Project clarification

Hello all,

I would appreciate some clarification on what exactly SEUL hopes to be,
since I have seen some, um, disquieting things on the redhat-devel list.

Are we trying to build a fully-featured system, that is, capable of serving
both as client and server (httpd, ftpd, ircd, gopherd, SMTP, POP3, IMAP
(maybe), mailing lists), development tools, and all the things we know and
love about Linux?  More importantly, will it still be recognizably Linux
when it's done?  (Not counting the screaming of vi and emacs lovers,
especially on redhat-devel <g>).  I realize this is a large question, but I
think it's an important thing to be very clear about up front.

My personal dream is to see a system that basically has a nice graphical
front end, but sacrifices none of the power inherent in the Unix scheme of
doing things.  That is, I want bash, vim, XEmacs, apache, and all of those
things.  The idea that abandoning FHS was even discussed bothers me a bit,
since 1) there's no reason a user should be bothered with it (and really
it's not that much more complicated than DOS, except for file permissions);
2) it would invalidate many HOWTOs and other documents.

Do I understand what SEUL is trying to do?  Is what I am looking for
unrealistic?  Thanks, one and all, for appropriate enlightenment. <G>

Martin Jackson:  mjackson@deskmedia.com
Information Science Major
Mankato State University