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I am a fisheries biologist in Mississippi interested in developing
applications using LINUX, particularly database management programs and
geographic information systems.  I first became interested in LINUX as a
platform to run GRASS GIS.  I have recently acquired Redhat LINUX (4.2)
and Redhat Applixware Office suite.  The principal disadvantage I see with
LINUX is the installation & setup process.  Redhat has made some major
improvements in this regard, but still hasn't reached the level of
simplicity for average users to deal with.  There are two areas that will
improve this limitation.  Development of installation scripts to make
installation as mindless as installing Windows.  Second, is instructions
to take the new user step-by-step through the installation and setup 
process.  Boring stuff after you have done it a few times.  Essential for
non-programmers to get started.


Michael D. Porter, Assistant Professor
Department of Natural Sciences
Mississippi Valley State University