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[bos-dev] [bug #30287] Windows release needs newer runtime libraries

Follow-up Comment #2, bug #30287 (project stratagus-bos):

2.6.1 ships the 80 dlls which is fine. However, you will still not be able to
run BOS until you install Visual C++ 2008 Service Pack (1)

This was on a brand new install (yes xp). Son's box was hit by boot record
virus that created a new sda1 at sector 29, so safest course of action was a
wipe/reinstall. (extended and logical partitions were not affected) So this
was a fresh SP1a install followed by SP3 + 116 online updates. The Visual C++
2008 Service Pack (1) redistributable is NOT installed by default regardless
of any (Additional Windows Components) installed. 

After a fresh BOS Wars 2.6.1 instal, clicking the icon results in no error
message but not launch of BOS. Opening a command prompt and navigating to
/Program Files/Bos Wars/ and launching boswars.exe from the command line, you
get the error:

"The system cannot execute the specified program."

That is it.

Installing the Visual C++ 2008 Service Pack (1) redistributable from:


solves the problem. I don't know which lib in the package in needs
specifically, but I can confirm this is the solution...


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