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[bos-dev] Few ideas on the game.

Good time of the day.

I suggest to discuss few ideas on the game.

1. New machines: I suggest to add transport machines: one plane, one
ship so that engineers may build on islands.

2. New weapon: to make a new cannon (w/ the same shooting distance),
shooting planes -- otherwise, the ski is not protected as well as earth.

3. To change machines properties:
	- soldiers are the slowest, then tanks are faster, then planes
	  are the fastest - it is more reallistic than that it has all
	  the same speed.
	- different weapon power: single plane|tank shot should be
	  quiet enough for a soldier to fall, whereas a soldier
	  shooting from a gun never can destroy a tank except w/
	  grenade or a rocket.

Pardon me if the items have been discussed before - but startpage did
show me that at first glance.

Best regards,