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[bos-dev] How I would see BosWars menu hierarchy

I was thinking about a bug suggesting to auto-save.
This made me think that this is something I really want for campaigns.

Then I realized that in:
campaign_steps = {

there, CreateMapStep, actually load and play the step...
so that it seems to me that campaign_steps is only defined once I have
finished the full campaigns... for me that looks wrong.

I then began thinking how I would only show unlocked steps, and that a
step is unlocked once one have win previous step.
Somehow, only the current step number need to be saved.

Anyway, thinking a bit more how I would present the menus, I came with
the following:
-Play alone
  -Play a map [support Escape to main menu]
    -Play a new map
      1) Choose among maps & fine-tune it (difficulty, fog-of-war, reveal map)
      2) Play map
      3) goback to Play a map
    -Play a saved map
      1) Display saved games (By maps used, then from last to oldest)
[can Escape to Play a map]
      2) Choose game [Display details (difficulty, fog-of-war, reveal
map) when you select one]
      2) Play map
      3) goback to 1)
  -Play or continue a campaign
    1) Choose campaign (should support Escape to Play alone)
      -Play a campaign step from beginning
        1) Choosed among unlocked steps [step 1 is always unlocked]
        2) Fine-tune step (difficulty, fog-of-war, reveal map)
        3) Play step
        4) If victory, unlock following step
        5) goback to 1) Choose among unlocked steps (that should
support Esc to Choose campaign)
      -Load an in-progress step [saved game]
        1) Show currently saved steps (games corresponding to selected campaign)
        2) Choose game [step]
        3) Play game [step]
        4) If victory, unlock following step
        5) goback to 1) Choose among unlocked steps
-Play Multiplayer
  1) Find a site supporting the lobby, if none found, become a site
supporting the lobby
  2) Show the games actives in the lobby, ask if want to help support the lobby
    -Create (add to the lobby) a new game (map, not campaign)
    -Play a game active in the lobby
      1) Choose game [should support Escape to main menu)
      2) Play game
      3) Return to step 1
-Quit Bos Wars

That is this hierarchy that I would like to suggest, and ask for comments.