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Fundraising Ideas

CBV thinks that in the coming months it will try to hold a few fundraising

One event is the GNU/Linux (or Linux) Ball...black tie...penguins kind of
thing. ... (thanks Ana!) This will be a longer term event b/c it will
require significant organisation. Any helpers here ??

For a quick fundraising event one such thought that came to mind was a
kind of Debate affair - Microsoft Vs.. other operating systems.(perhaps
some boundaries too) An open debate...official rules apply. 

Since CBV has access to this great wonderful hall - we ought to make the
most of it. Seating capacity is probably more then 200. Its a fantastic
opportunity for CBV to raise needed funds to help build our organisation
further. And we are coming along... 

Why am I telling you this? I want your thoughts and suggestions - I'd also
appreciate some people coming forth to help arrange this event. We want to
raise a fair bit of money...so the more people on the job - the more
successful it will be. Do I have any hands???

What about you guys interstate - would you be interested in such an event?
(Holding one etc... to help get you started and all...)

Let me know...

Help too. :)



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