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[lias] Generation Linux - 7th 8th May 2000 (fwd)

Here's something for those of you that live in SA

Looks to be a great event :) Wish i could be there myself.



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Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 14:39:06 +0930 (CST)
From: Sarah Bolderoff <sara@cs.unisa.edu.au>
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Subject: [lias] Generation Linux -  7th 8th May 2000
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Generation Linux is a Linux install fest with a focus on introducing Linux
to children (although anyone can attend!)  I will be showing people how to
install Linux on PCs.  The PCs will be provided by the University of South
Australia, School of Computer & Information Science.  So children (or
others attending) are not expected to bring their own computers along.

Generation Linux will be running on the 7th and 8th of May.  It will be
held at the University of South Australia Levels campus [room F2-55].  
For details about session times please see the following web page:  

I will be giving away Redhat 6.1 CDs (about 1000 CDs) and there are also
250 Mandrake CDs to give away.

For those of you who are interested in the history of the event and why I
am doing this...

It all started as part of National Science Week May 2000. I was asked by
the School of Computer and Information Science, University of South
Australia to give a talk to children (and the public) about technology,
with the purpose of showing that computers, science and technology are

The scope of the talk was open so I decided to use this opportunity to
introduce children to Linux.  After all Linux *is* fun!

My other motives for doing this stem from the belief that if children can
play with Linux now, they will grow up to be a generation of kick ass kernel

If you have any questions or are interested in attending and would like to
participate please send me an email or check out the web site!

Sarah Bolderoff

Systems Administrator                            +61 8302 3033    
School of Computer and Information Science       Room F2-65, Levels Campus  
University of South Australia                    Mawson Lakes Blvd.   
Sarah.Bolderoff@cs.unisa.edu.au                  South Australia, 5095

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