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CBV Day at the Hall


For those of you who couldn't make it...

CBV's day at the hall was fantastic...truly a wonderful site to see the
hall (as old as it is) a buzz with the people sorting / testing and
installing machines. (the old meets the gnu?)

We had a big turn out - about 50-60 people attended.

A lot was accomplished -  testing, sorting, installing, troubleshooting
and equipment moving. 

Everyone involved helped to make this day a success - even TUX the penguin
showed up for a picture with the team. :)

Thanks to you all for coming along and helping in whatever way you did,
special thanks go to all CBV committee members who cooked, installed,
organised, sorted, transported and socialised. 

Hope to see you all at our next big working bee / installfest on Saturday
May 20th. 



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