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[Computerbank] Victorian Management group meeting - next Wednesday the 17th of April at CAI-Vic

Hello all, (Victorian's in particular) :)

Sorry about the short notice - I've been meaning to get this out earlier 
but couldn't. I have picked a fairly reasonable time and day (many of us 
are around on Wed anyhow) so I do hope to see many folk at this meeting. :)

I am calling the meeting for *next* Wednesday April 17th at 6.30pm to 
finish up around 8pm. :) If there is enough interest we can all go out 
for coffee/drinks afterwards.

The meeting will take place at Computerbank Victoria - 92 Rosslyn St 
West Melbourne (in case you weren't aware). Please RSVP ASAP if you 
intend to come.

If you can not make this date and are interested in being actively 
involved with the management of CAI-Vic - please send your apologies and 
let me know where you think you can help out.  :)

Agenda: I will be facilitating but do hope to get lot's of input from 
everyone. :) If you would like to add something to this list or expand 
on a particular point - please email me.

-Introduction (why a meeting now, what do we hope to achieve at this 
meeting) - State Co-ordinator
-Setting meeting rules and procedures
-How does the Victorian group fit in with a National framework/body?

-Management of Victoria - functional/area co-ordinators (like before) - 
Technical (should now be broken into software and hardware), Training, 
Documentation/Web, Policy and Procedures, Support, Treasury and 
Administration. Other roles?  

-Appointment (re?) of Co-ordinators.
-Naming conventions for Co-ordinators?
-Formation (re?) of teams (technical/database/support, 
software/documentation and administration).

- Administrativia - email addresses for Co-ordinators/teams and for 
Victorian contact point.
- Mailing list for Victoria management and Victorian volunteers (so we 
can move this kind of thing from the main Computerbank list!)
- Conventions to use when referring to the Vic group.

- Where are we at now? The Victorian picture now. Overview of the 
2000/01 achievements (stats).
- Taking a look at 2002 achievements and current projects. Setting new 
targets/goals for the remainder of 2002.  

- Looking at what we need to do as in order to achieve these goals. 
Listing (brainstorming) our priorities.

- Discussion and Questions. Meeting feedback.


Kylie Davies
Computerbank Australia
Victorian State Co-ordinator

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