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[Computerbank] An e-mail to you scanned positive for a virus

This is an automated WARNING
An email from coachjay@cycl.org was routed via our network.
Subject: NONE

In order to offer you another level of protection from viruses on the internet we scan email
routed through our network for viruses. A message was to be delivered to you from 
coachjay@cycl.org but has been quarantined because it contained a   virus. 

You have been protected from the virus because we scanned for the virus before the email
message was delivered to you. You will not recieve the infected message. 

It is important to note that rarely is a virus intentionally sent. coachjay@cycl.org 
probably has no idea that an infected message was sent to you. 

We have informed coachjay@cycl.org, so they are aware of the problem.

The log file attached to this message is the virus scan log.

You can safely view this file in quarantine by going to:


with your web browser

For more information, please contact staff@thevine.net (MessageID: B0010337976). 

Grapevine Internet Services