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Monitors, Power Supplies and APANA

I remember some discussion of non functional power supplies and monitors,
with some people suggesting we throw them out.

I've personally repaired about 3 power supplies and one monitor, barely
knowing what I was doing. However, I'd also claim to know when a fault
is a really difficult one. In the case of the monitor, one of the "turn
on" transistors was blown which fed into the power supply was blown and
it reasonably easy to find.

So, I think you could divide non working components of this type into
easy and difficult faults, and expect to recover some of them. If something
happens in sydney, I'd be willing to put some time into recovering these

Kylie was asking about "commercial ISPs" vs. an alternative. An alternative
I'm involved with is APANA, and it might be an idea to check their web page
at http://www.apana.org.au

We have redfern legal centre as a NSW member, and various other groups which
are members. There are also several "PA sites" which provide services for
disabled users.

Sorry I was not able to make it for the IRC discussion. Fingers crossed
I'll get to the next one.


John August

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