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Re: CBNSW - Customers

John Coote wrote:
> Dear All
> I spoke today to the IT person at Cellblock, which is
> a youth health centre (and drop in centre?) for 'at
> risk' young people.
> After they'd gotton over their initial suprise that
> someone was ringing out of the blue to give them
> computers, they warmed to the idea and will be sending
> me a proposal next week.
> Apparently thay have a "multimedia" room with one old
> mac in it and would be quite keen to replace it with
> some compuers where they can do graphics manuipulation
> and have internet access.
> This is potentially a good exercise for us to put in a
> small network and internet proxy and have sokmething
> good to boast about.

This sounds great John. 

We've done the same sort of thing for a community group here in
Vic. It'll be a great project for you.

Important points - Make sure to find out about insuring
yourselves. One way around this (without having to purchase it
yourselves) is to act as volunteers for the Youth Health Centre.
Check with them to find out if this is possible. We did this with
the FCCVI in vic - as we didnt have cover then. We do now. :) 

Be clear about what you will provide - in the case of CBV
operations, as indicated in our policy manual - we require all
community group applicants to nominate the main liaison -
training co-ordinating person (s) on the app form. This means
that the person(s) nominated will receive training (and training
material/resources) from cbv and it then becomes their
responsibility to train people accessing the centre. Of course
CBV still provides ongoing support to the community group for
technical problems (for our systems and generally not for any
additional systems that the organisation may have or may


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