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[Computerbank] CBAUS BUILD - Looking for input

I am builidng a list of issues and options we face with the CBAUS build.
I am looking for input from everyone who has an idea, concern, list of
issues are options to address.

The list will be to help us focus on the our options and issues and to
help outline where we are headed.

Feedback from everyone is important and all input is valued.

Options and issues include, but are not limited to:
Distribution to base CBAUS build on.
How we deal with low end and mid range hardware - do we do different
  installs or just say "only run Abiword on your 486" when Star Office is
  installed as well (just an example).
Do we focus on the same apps as teh environment they are built for.
How do we handle printing.
How do we deal with document compatabilities.
What file system we use.
How we partition a hard disk (/ and /home - for system and recips' data?).

Keep in mind that we have to record this in a training guide for when
recipients are taught (do we teach Abiword and let them work out KWord
if they want to use it?). It needs to be uncompicated and focus on an
initially small scope of applications/interfaces. This documentation would
also be available on the CBAUS site and on the recipients PC in a CBAUS
documentation location (/usr/share/doc/CBAUS ???).

When a suggestion is made, I would like to see the reasons behind it, and
preferably some real world examples. eg: "Running GTK/Gnome based apps
under KDE on a 486 32MB is bad as all the shared libraries for both waste
memory - I have a box running that config now" (just an example).

Are we able to make one build for all classes of machines, and not use the
high end apps, or do we drop the high end apps from the hard disk for low
capacity drives?

We also need to list unknowns that need to be tested. And list knows as

Everyone's views are important.

I will list all of the options and arguments into a document so that we
can have a clear view of the choices, the reasons behind them and a clear
understanding of what everyone is saying.


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