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computers for East Timor DCLS was: [Computerbank] the Computer Angels site

>Thanks Jacqueline, who's the new president?

[jacqueline] Dare I say, go and look at www.ca.asn.au :-P Our new president 
is Julian Southern.

>And what's that about a container load of stuff for East Timor almost 
>ready you mentioned on that other list? Is that full of computers or what?

[jacqueline] I think this would be better answered by our immediate past 
president (Jens Fischer-Jensen) as he has been instrumental in identifying 
the need, collecting the equipment (not just computers) and liaising with 
the people in Darwin. I will send your query on to him just in case he is 
currently unsubscribed from this list.

[jacqueline] See also: http://www.dcls.org.au/etimor

All the best
Jacqueline McNally
Perth, Western Australia

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