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Re: [Computerbank] More recycling Organisations

Thanks for this Daniel,

I know we in VIC once tried to work in concert with a few other similar
groups but because that didn't work out well then is no reason not to
pursue the dream now, in my opinion. Back then, we weren't as big and
established nationally as we are now. At the right time, I hope that will
be soon, Computerbank Australia Inc. could auspice a conference (or
something similar) to try to develop a combined voice and some synergy
between all our kindred groups in Australia, couldn't it?

Sorry, the URL for "Technical Aid" didn't work..

Cheers! Bruce 

At 15:36 10/12/01 -0800, Daniel Dekok wrote:
>Listening to the radio last night, they interviewed a
>guy from "Technical Aid for the Disabled" who recycle
>old PC's for use by Disabled people, including mods
>like bigger screens, adjusting typing rate, etc.  They
>said they have 800 people on there books, and another
>waiting list of 500.  Also seem to have a bit of
>corporate support, anyway, you may want to have a look
>at there website:
>(They say there nationwide, but primarily based in

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