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[Computerbank] who from outside the inner-metropolitan areas is on here?

Hi all not in the inner-metro areas (in particular),

Kylie said

>Subject: [Computerbank] Starting new branches - answers to Bruce's post(s)
>Date: 	Sun, 09 Dec 2001 19:48:54 +1100
>Dear Bruce, Tas (Snug), NE-VIc, Gold Coast, Ararat, Frankston et al 

that she was keen for everyone outside of where we have current branches
(Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne) to really start talking about
what you'd like to set up locally where you are.

With Kylie's approval, I have earlier this afternoon posted her appeal for
people out there, through my Australia-wide list, to join our list here and
become involved in discussing this. Later, when things get going well, I'll
let other groups know, too. We all can.

It all seems really easy to me, apart from tying up a few things which
should be settled by Feb 2002, the rest is just doing what many have done
before with other enterprises and community efforts.

I'd really like to hear a few comments from Don (Mudgee), Michael (Coolah),
Rob (Snug) and Darrell (Canberra) on this to kick things off..

But ... please ... all get involved.

What's that about Frankston and Bendigo? Is rural WA doing something? Who's
where and interested?

Regards, Bruce (Melb)

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