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[Computerbank] CAI- Victoria - End of Year Bash

Hi all,

After the Garage Sale...Saturday the 15th...

At 2pm the VERY SAME DAY we will have the CAI-Vic End of Year
(Christmas) Bash. Our end of year BBQ lunch AWARDS day. Yippee! 

We will hold this in the Flagstaff Gardens - where the BBQ's are (same
place as last year) - it's closer to the round-about on the corner of
Dudley and Queen ST (?). If it is raining - we'll be celebrating at
Rosslyn Street instead. 

If people would like to come to Rosslyn St first - and walk across with
the folk helping out at the Garage Sale - that would be great. :) 

If you can let us know you are coming - before Friday 8pm - that would
help us work out catering. 

Hope to see lots of people there,

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