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Re: [Computerbank] new branches discussion

> >>start doing something interesting, and next minute people start standing
> >>around watching, then next thing you know, they start saying "I could do
> >>better this way".  And then you have them hooked and it's up and
> Would this work in Canberra, Darrell?
> Are you confused about what Computerbank wants?

Perhaps. It's a technique I use and believe in but for some reason it hasn't
been as successful here as I had expected. But it does seem to be the only
thing that works if you are willing to put the time and energy into setting
the example. But be prepared that the amount of time and energy may be far
more than you expected. :-) Then again YMMV.

I haven't been too active on this list as President of Computing Assistance
Support & Education (CASE - http://www.case.org.au) because we have been
flat out with a few projects, I'm switching jobs and moving house. You might
want to look at our web site on the projects page to see what has been
keeping us busy if you are interested.

So what I'm saying is that we haven't had a lot of time to think about
Computerbank but I do know that there is support for the group (although I
have some questions about how all this melds with community development as a
whole). I would be quite proud if CASE could assist in any way as we are an
IT cooperative with the goal to be "a venue of possibilities" and to broker
resources for use by community and non-profit groups. And personally, as a
very new Unix Administrator I am very pro Linux and open source. :-)

I'll give the topic the consideration it deserves early next year when I'm
settled in and a bit more in control of a few of the projects we are working

Meanwhile, keep up the great work and happy holidays to you all.

Darrell Burkey @ Home
Canberra, ACT

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