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[Computerbank] Linux 2.6

If people have tried 2.5/6 once and found that it broke now is time to try
again! Debian has a good 2.6.0-test9 kernel that is working for several
machines at CBV.

Please note that a prerequisite for 2.6 are the new module tools known as
"module-init-tools", AFAIK all major distros have packages of these.

If you have troubles with X not starting, or starting without mouse support
then you (probably) need to do the following:
* modprobe mousedev # Generic mouse support
* modprobe psmouse # PS/2 Mouse support
* Ensure that X has /dev/input/mice configured as a mouse input that is a
If you have trouble with this, or any other 2.6 or alsa issues then just
drop me an e-mail.

If you need sound support then you might need to configure the new sound
system "ALSA", your distribution should have packages to support it, however
in most cases I've seen alsa just take over seamlessly.

Also while 2.6 is amazingly responsive it changed the behaviour of one
system call that some X11 apps (namely OpenOffice) use to sleep, this
apparently has serious adverse effects on usability. I have not confirmed
this personally, and recommend that you at least give it a go.

If you build your own kernels I suggest that you read
http://www.portalcon.com.br/kernel/post-halloween-2.5.txt (The original is
currently down) before you build any 2.6 kernels.


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