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Server requirements

It's 02 Feb 99  08:32:45,
We'll return to billmac@abi.com.au and All's
discussion of Server requirements

 bi> I'd be pleased if a 486 handled the minimum server requirements for
 bi> the = small networks we intend to give away.

In small networks, a fast 486 will be quite adequate. :-)

 bi> Can our tech team consider the basic software or software library
 bi> access = to load such a system and I'll set out to gather the 5
 bi> machines - can = you tell me the minimum hard drive size for such a
 bi> server ? - the oldies = seem to have less than 1Gig

Depends on what you want.  For a basic file and print server, the OS
overheads can be as little as 100 MB.  Add bits to taste. :-)  X
administered systems will require somewhat more space, of course (for X
and the admin tools themselves).

The other space requirement is for file storage, which depends on the
client's needs (i.e. not something we'll always be able to know).

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