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Re: I don't know if this is an old question - is there a FAQ for this project?

>> A Mail Transfer Agent like sendmail or qmail is a must. It doesn't have
>> to be on the user's machine, it could be the ISP's. When the user dials
>> in she will be assigned an IP number from the ISP's range and thus will
>> be a valid host on the ISP's network. So no working around anti-spam
>> measures is necessary.
>Never thought of it that way, thanks.  Could someone provide some
>pointers or something regarding how to configure a client to use the
>ISP's 'facilities'.  I use Mutt and it only seems to have config for a
>local MTA, how is such a trick done in Pine?

Under the pine setup, one of the items is smtp-server. Set this to the
SMTP server that the ISP tells you to use. The setup I did for my
friend was

fetchmail started from /etc/ppp/ip-up.local running with his uid using su -
dropping mail into the standard maildrop
pine picks up incoming mail from there
outgoing mail goes direct to the smtp-server as above