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MELB: Working bee on Saturday 13th FEB 12pm

Hi all, 

I am trying to ascertain just how many are definately coming to the
working bee on Saturday? If you are going to come (and you get this
message in time) could you please let me know. 

It would also be great if people could bring either drink or nibbles
to share  (drink - as in softdrink, mineral water, etc, nibbles - as
in whatever is suitable) Heres hoping that we all dont bring the one
type of thing :) As a guide perhaps all those with surnames A-K bring
drink, everone else (L-Z) bring nibbles. I am not too sure how many
are bringing their own lunch. There are plenty of food places around
Sth Melb...walking distance. The market around the corner will most
likely be open.

Trish is bringing tea & coffee and cordial. An Eski will be available
on the roof top garden to put drinks in. 

At some stage during the working bee (perhaps after) we will be
holding a  discussion/meeting. 

I am actually not going to be there until later as i have to work. (I
am hoping to get away early.)