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MELB: Agenda for Meeting on Saturday

Sorry for this late post - 

Agenda for meeting on Sat 13th (time permitting)

Saturday 13th!

Just about all the equipment is there....we have seven full cases
(386/486), 2 286, 5 monitors (EGA, CGA) loads of cards, small
harddrives, motherboards etc. Actually there possibly could be too
many people coming : ) - if you have any equipment stashed away, bring
it with you!!

Suggested agenda for COmputerbank meeting at/following the

* Constitution / Rules of Association:

Discussion on who does the hack-work on this; need to allocate the
task(s) and invite discussion on various clauses. Bill Mac had some
suggestions after looking at the WA

* Re-Elect Interim Treasurer

* Funding

Kylie has received the Networking the Nation Grant Application (NTN) -
maybe we could take a look at that. 

* Business Name

Still finding out - may have more to report tomorrow. May need

* Website

Kylie has logins and accounts for the Melbourne web site - if she can
make it we can discuss this. 

* Support

Abstract has gone to CALU; Kylie, Peter, Pam, Trish & ?Craig
presenting / taking questions. Copies of Abstract will be available at
meeting / up on list / on website. Input on generating presentation
will be required!

Perhaps add another talk (discussion of reps to attend a meeting) for
the LUV user group. (unconfirmed)

No news to report from Rebecca...however I am sure we can do some kind
of business search online. (saturday - job for somebody?) 

Carlo Carli meeting set for Monday 15th; Kylie, Trish, Peter

* Schedule Next meeting

*Other items ?? (Does anyone want to raise / report anything??)


Trish & Kylie