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RE: groups for database

Sorry 'bout the delay.. did mean to reply to u - but got caught up at

My suggestion is:

3 Levels of accounts:

Administrator Level account:

Certain Person(s) (presumably one per ComputerBank chapter in each state??)
to be assigned as "Administrators" with ability to create/delete accounts of
various kinds.
These persons would then create/delete accounts for each person who will be
responsible for storing equipment owned by computerbank and/or for those
persons who wish to be able to search the database.

Storing Equipment Level Account:

The persons who have a "storing equipment" account then log into their
account and record those items of hardware that they have at any given
moment, and record when they dispose of each item of equipment.

Search Equipment Level Account:

Then, persons with "Search" account, can log in and perform following

	1. search the database for equipment of various kinds (returns the
email address of the person holding the goods and maybe some info about the
equipment itself.)

	2. (maybe?) get a total list of all goods itemised by (value?), or
(type of component?) or (email address of person storing them?)

This is my $0.02



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> Hello,
> Did anyone get this ?
> I need to know how you all want the database to be secured. Shall we have
> ceratin people allocated the jobs of data entry? Should the reports be
> publicly accessible ? 
> Ideas please.
> Nathan
> On Tue, 16 Feb 1999, Nathan Dietsch wrote:
> > all,
> > 
> > Does anyone have any idea for groups and users which are needed in the
> > online database? Will we have a data-entry for each group or will
> everyone
> > be able to enter data ? What does everyone think. It would be easy to
> > leave the database open for SELECTS and just restrict inserts, freedom
> of
> > information and all that. I have created a view of the person table
> which
> > hides all personal details such as Address and Phone # etc.
> > 
> > Any ideaS are welcome.
> > 
> > Nathan
> > 
> >