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Update to User-manual / Training Guide Doco.

Hi all,

I have begun in earnest putting some content into the training manuals.
You can see the main changes at:


The main areas I have updated are:

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
[Other lessons not yet created]

Alternately you can go to
http://www.computerbank.org.au/perth/doco/introcompandlinux-0.03.html to
see the main introductory page to the user-training-manual project.

All comments are encouraged and appreciated.  Anyone wishing to assist
with this project is also encouraged to just write sections and email
them to me at mailto:buddrige@q-net.net.au for inclusion.  Note however
I reserve editorial rights on any submissions - also I am releasing the
lot under the open-content-license, so you will need to feel comfortable
with it being released under that scheme.

Thanks heaps to everyone who has submitted comments and other
suggestions so far...


David Buddrige