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Vic Saturday Agenda

 Computerbank Victoria
 General Meeting
 2pm, Saturday February 27th
 Virtual Moreland, 352a Sydney Road, Coburg
 * Christopher Anderson (Carlo Carli) meeting.
   Kylie Davies, Peter Eckersley, Patricia Fraser
 * PILCH (Legal support)
   Patricia Fraser
 * VICSEG (Victorian Cooperative on Children's Services for Ethnic Groups)
   Samira Baho
 * The Innovations Centre of Vic.
   Bill McPherson
 Constitutional Matters:
 * Draft with suggestions gleaned in the last 2 weeks to be presented and
   discussed with a view to completing;
 * whether or not to have by-laws as mentioned on the list; potential
   drafting of by-laws.
 Special Guest:
 Print Musuem's Micheal Isaachsen to attend meeting re: Computerbank and
 The Computer Museum.
 Support Issues:
 * Drafting NDA/letter of request: Rodney Brown
 * Drafting request for support / bringing in some "big guns": Multi
   Media Victoria
 * General trolling for support: Christopher Anderson's suggested
   contacts; phone, letter or both? Allocate people to do contacts
 * any other potential lines of inquiry
 * Working with other similar groups (eg: Rural and Peninsula Disability
   Support, the mob at Macfarlane Burnett, SkillsNet, any others)
 Practical, Admin & technical matters:
 * interim treasurer while Pam is ill
 * membership fees - some have paid, some not
 * Finding out if people can help with moving equipment
 * More info on currently working systems
 General Business:
 Anything not covered above that people want to raise