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[Computerbank] Re: [cai-sa] Colorful KDE 3.1 Performance On Low-End Hardware - Running KDE 3.1 On Antique Iron

On Tue, 18 Feb 2003 10:01 am, Dale Long shared thusly:
> <http://www.linuxplanet.com/linuxplanet/reviews/4676/1/>
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Many thanks Dale, interesting article.

This quote from the article re the specs of the ancient boxen...

"The box had 128 MB of RAM, 256K of L2 cache, a 2.5 GB disk and Debian. Even 
though KDE took about two and 1/2 minutes to load, most of the programs, 
menus, icons and animations seemed to appear almost instantly and ran without 
a hitch."

So, how will it fare on p166 with only half the ram, which is what we 
regularly distribute? Unknown, but upgrading to it atm, will be playing 
with:) Also looking at Gnome 2.2 this week, on the strong urging of Pete 
Gossner, who sings its praises, so look forward to that:) 

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