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RE: [plug] Re: Computer Bank - please dont give them away.

Title: RE: [plug] Re: Computer Bank - please dont give them away.

Some good points - especially regarding the "op-shop" idea... will raise for discussion...

1. Persons actually interested in learning how to use a computer (as you say, no point in giving a computer to someone only for them to hock it the following day.

2. One of the guidelines needs to be one-pc-per family to avoid people taking as many as they can.

All of the above...

This depends... certainly, this is true of _one_ of the groups included amongs what might be termed "disadvantaged groups", but is not necessarily confined to this group alone... (nor are the problems you mention above confined to low-income persons... some kids go nuts in a "rich" family where abuse is rife too....

One of my contacts is a group called KAGY that works with such kids - especially teaching them motor-mechanics... am considering offering this as another area for potential employement along-side the more traditional "working-class" job-skills.

Strategy yet to be defined in detail... this is the reason for discussion... thanks heaps for these pointers... certainly, I will be taking these into account... need to consider all aspects of what we intend to do...




David Buddrige.