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[Fwd: Other projects]

With John Kiewiet's permission I am posting this to the
list for your information.

In addition John also has these comments -

>  II. Dr. Loots is interested in anything that can keep the cost on 
>          hardware/software down to an affordable range. Linux, I think is a 
>          very appropriate OS to consider, because of the built in 
>          networking capabilities etc.(I use it myself). 
>      III. The main considerations (as I see them) are:
>         1. He is working with donated hardware/software and it needs to 
>            run on that configuration (which could vary a great deal).
>         2. The software he already has (CD-ROM collection) may be designed 
>            to run on other OS's (i.e.. MS DOS/Win3.1x/Win95/98). So he 
>            needs the capability to either emulate or convert.
>         3. It needs to be easy to use (limited training for end users).
>         4. It (hardware/software) need to be reliable (limited repair and
>            troubleshooting capabilities).
>         5. There are other environmental considerations (heat, humidity, 
>            poor power quality etc.) that need to be allowed for.
>         6. It would be nice to have a collection of Lesson plans etc., in 
>            various subjects for teachers (public domain/low cost). There  
>            are tutorial's and other "howto" documents already in existence
>            for the Linux requirements.
>         7. Volunteers, to do all this work.
>         8. The unknown (yet to be discovered considerations).

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     Having looked at your Website (Project Computer Bank). I was prompted 
     to write to you about some other projects going on.
     I have written to Dr. Michel Loots, MD in Antwerp Belgium, regarding 
     the creation of a free software setup (i.e.. Linux, Freedos, DRDOS). 
     For utilization in free or low cost computers, for uses you also 
     describe. He (Dr. Loots) is involved in the "Humanity CD-ROM Project" 
     This is a Collection of many types of information and software, that 
     are of benefit to third world countries and school children. I think 
     we seem to have some common goals, and thus may be able to coordinate 
     some work on these areas.
     There is another site you may find of interest at:
     This is the site of the BURKS CD-ROM, (Brighton University Resource 
     Kit for Students). A collection of information and programs for 
     "students". It's creator John English, can be contacted at :
     I hope this information has been of use to you, and that we may have 
     further discussions on this matter.
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