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Re: [plug] Re: Computer Bank - please dont give them away.

On Sun, 10 Jan 1999 21:56:50 +1100 (EST), Nathan Dietsch
<njd@rivuug.webfront.net.au> wrote:

>Check out the Linux Bible. It is out of print but some libraries might
>have it still. I'd offer to ship it to you but it would cost more than the
>book itself, quite a big one. 
>it is just a reprint of the LDP.

Saw it at Dymocks the other week, was going to get it but it seemed well
out of date (97 I think).  It's huge.

I think I have a copy of the NOS computing modules around here somewhere, I
was thinking something could be based on that (it's pretty OS


Steven Blunt