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Document/web repositories


Just a suggestion to try and use CVS for maintaining the web pages,
documentation and most other things.

The major benifit is that there is a central repository that allows you
to having remote working copies which can be updated and stored in
the repository.  This gives a great opportunity for people to work
from a common base in a highly parallel fashion.  By doing daily
updates and commits you should not get behind what other people 
are working on.

People can do testing remotely by having a complete copy on
their local system.  When testing is complete they can just re-commit
the data.  By emailing out repository updates everyone can know what
everyone else is working on.

At regular occassions the users with access to the server can promote
the web pages out to the public location.

It is just a thought, and hopefully will reduce wasted effort in
duplicated web pages.  The entire computerbank project can be stored
in one repository with each state having their common and unique parts
stored together with other common parts.

What do people think?


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