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UPDATE> Funding for NGO websites (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 14:17:36 +1000
From: Ben Norris <NORRISB@health.qld.gov.au>
To: update@adca.org.au
Subject: UPDATE> Funding for NGO websites

Hello all non government contacts. Just came across some news that you
might be interested in.
The Ericcison company is offering grants for non government
organisations to create and develop websites. Here is an excerpt from
the site;
Acclaim and $250,000 (US) 
to the most creative internet solutions for non-profit communities.
ERICA is the first-ever international award for non-profits to help
develop and realize their visions through the power of the Internet.
ERICA will provide generous funding and support, bridging the worlds of
non-profits, web technology and Internet community-building.

You can get all the information from;