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Re: [Fwd: [FWD: A small TCP/IP/ICMP stack]]

>I hope I'm not intruding, but this was just posted to the seul-edu
>mailing list and I thought you might find it useful.  ELKS is a project
>to develop a small version of the Linux kernel for use (primarily) on
>embedded processors.  I think the acronym stands for Embeddable Linux
>Kernel System, or something close to that.

It will run on 8088/86/286.  I lurk on the ELKS list and before anybody
gets enthusiastic about ELKS, it has next to no applications, and no
networking. It's still very much a developer toy. Given that I pick
up 386 motherboards regularly at tips, I wouldn't think too much about
ELKS. It would be good for embedded work as the acronym suggests.