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Version 0.01 of Introduction to Linux and Computers document posted.

It's 21 Jan 99  09:03:42,
We'll return to dbuddrige@ozemail.com.au and All's
discussion of Version 0.01 of Introduction to Linux and Computers document post

 db> In short, I am writing this manual in the same way that other GNU
 db> projects are put together - so if anyone wants to write or add to any
 db> sections, feel very free to do so, and post them to me at
 db> mailto:dbuddrige@ozemail.com.au

 db> Find the document here:
 db> http://www.ozemail.com.au/~dbuddrige/computerbank/doco/

There's some good ideas, and the language is kept nice and simple.  At
this stage, it looks a little more like a FAQ than a manual.  I would
suggest having some practical exercises at the end of each section (e.g.
after the first section, have a diagram of a computer, with spaces for
the student to fill in the names of eachvisible component.

Later chapters, of course, would have exercises such as basic file
manipulation or whatever is relevant to the chapter.

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