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doing stuff for computerbank...

Gossamer wrote:

> Because of health issues, and other projects - namely Netizen
> http://www.netizen.com.au/ - I've decided can't really be involved in
> the face-to-face stuff that ComputerBank's going to need.

That's ok - the face 2 face stuff is only one aspect of what we'll need
- there's also a bunch of background tasks  - such as editing / writing
of introduction documents, some software development, (as well as
potentially) a few "busy-bee" type days whereby volenteers come together

and build a bunch of computers that you may wish to consider helping

> I will stay around and hassle you on the list about ideas, and edit
> stuff (like the intro to puters stuff I did tonight) when I can.

That's excellent - and much appreciated... any/all contributions are
valued.  We need ideas and working documentation as much as we need
anything else - as I have said, the face 2 face stuff is only _one_
aspect.  Joining computer bank does not mean you have to become a
computer trainer if that is not your thing... 8-)  In-fact at the
moment, we need easy-to-understand documentation more than trainers...

Basically, we all have our different expertise, and things we can offer
to the project.  All of these contributions are equally valuable....

warm regards... 8-)

David Buddrige