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New update for Introduction to computers and linux manual 0.02

Hi all,

I have posted another update to the Introduction to Computers And Linux
training manual at:


Before any one flames me because it is too technical... <RANT> yes, I
_know_ it is too technicial (at present).... However at the moment I am
concentrating on getting the information written down that I want to
deliver - _then_ I will tidy/simplify and adjust the wording - as well
as adding extra sections to describe many of the technical terms I am
using at present... Also,I am writing chapters in all sorts of orders at
the moment, and some of the ones I am writing right now, are intended
for fairly late in a course.  The intent (once the wording is finished)
is to provide a good understanding of what the computer is actually
doing -  but starting from a very basic level of understading and
describing various concepts and terms as I go.....  </RANT>

Ok... now I've explained myself 8-)... feel free to email me with any
suggestions and comments mailto:buddrige@q-net.net.au - I'm very open to
any kinds of comments, however I do reserve the right to disagree... ;-)

Cheers all

David Buddrige