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Re: [Computerbank] SGM

For those of us that are a bit slow I think she means January. If so that's
this coming saturday.
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From: "Da Moose" <moose@bovine.artificial-stupidity.net>
Subject: [Computerbank] SGM

> Don"t forget the SGM on 19th December either at 92 Rosslyn St or logon
> through your fav chat client to
> irc.openprojects.net
> /join #computerbank
> we start at 1pm Eastern Daylight savings Time
> The original email was 30 December so have a look and think about it, this
> is important as it could determine whether or not the ATO gives us Tax
> Exempt Charity Status.
> The SOP used by computerAngels has already been successful.
> Pen

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