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[Computerbank] intro - storage - and some thoughts

Intro:  Programmer,  teach networking in windows Monday nights. Program
open office.  No time at all but I can help out.  Hate hardware but
prepared to swear at it until it works.  Been with computers a
looonnnggg time with good general skills.

Anyway from the slug meeting, I went to Armidale to see my family.

I was talking to my sister, Ros Foskey.  She located a link to computer
bank and posted it on her website and was surprised at the requests that
she got and the number of calls received on this from all over
(answering your phone yet?). She works in research in metz Armidale.
Anyway to cut to the chase...

If Computer bank is still suffering storage issues then Ros can post a
request on her site and it is entirely possible that she will get a
number of offers.  Her site is about the care and support of elderly in
a number of situations.  I was thinking lots of old people with empty
garages perhaps,  at home all the time so good access and good security
with on site people.  Might be an oportunity to call for volunteers as
well, the elderly support with ***time*** more than any other category
of the community.  Surely they can do some basic setting up with a
minimum of training and set aside the too hard for later.  They can do
phone call support on some basic problems.  They can take requests and
organise them into a database and research whether they are an urgent
candidate, important candidate or circular filing cabinet requests.

Worth a thought,

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