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Re: [cai-sa] [Computerbank] affiliation agreement URGENT REMINDER!!!!!

Greetings all and happy new year;
	i would find it a lot easier to understand how far forwards/backwards or 
otherwise the affiliation ammendments take us if i had access to the proposed 
aggreement before the ammendments.  Could anyone help me track it down?

	Some definition of disrepute would make life easier for borderline cases.  
People also manage to achieve this seemingly without trying (and an hellish 
road is veritibly paved ... ), maybe some kind of mitigating sub-clause?  Or 
am i going soft in my dotage?

	What is this SOP that we're trying to hitch afilliates up to?

	Regarding the publicity clause, what is the definition of publicity?  My 
activities on a daily basis and more often than that could be construed as 
publicity relating to both CAI and CAI-SA;  i think my job would be a lot 
harder indeed if i had to consult with and await approval of the CAI 
publicity approval officer before making every public statement i made 
regarding both bodies.  Naturally we don't want headlines linking CAI with 
elements the public find unsavoury, on the other hand we don't want our every 
public word hampered.  What's the delineation?  And would there be a formal 
process for such consultation?  Who is the incumbent for CAI Publicity 
Liaison Co-ordinator in the absence of an elected/approved appointment?

	The legal requirements and other responsibilities sound like a lot of very 
important stuff that needs to be understood well and woven into the very 
fabric of an organisation's activity.  I know i don't know it all, i not even 
sure where to start looking for some of it;  much may very well boil down to  
common sense and we know how well we can rely on each other to stick to that 
path.  It would take me awhiles indeed to wade through it all and come to an 
educated opinion as to how appropriate it all is.  At the very least, if this 
is to be imposed, then organisations suing for affiliation should be availed 
of all of this information  (i wouldn't mind getting my hands on it myself - 
per hap a set of links to appropriate web-sites?) and demonstrate a working 
knowledge of it.

	Everybody's got a different idea about the very nature of equality and if 
you've got a year or twain to spare i'll bore you witless with my reasons 
why, but assuming we're not going there, then in exactly what terms is the 
relationship with other CAI branches and affiliates expected to be maintained 
equitably?  (Just an aside, wouldn't the plural conjugation be more 
appropriate in this clause, or am i totally mis-understanding it's intent?  
Actually, if singular is more appropriate then the assumption on which the  
clause rests supports my proposition that equality is identity! :)  (Silly 
bugger! -ed)

	Food for thought, good peoples, in hope it prevents more headaches than it 
causes.  Best regards and faithfully yours,

Cromwell Hooper
Volunteer and WFTD Co-ordinator
Computerbank Australia Incorporated, SA Branch
Vice President
Computerbank Australia Incorporated

On Wednesday 08 January 2003 15:39, Romana Challans wrote:
> The draft agreement of affiliation between CAI and other organisations such
> as the NSW computerbank is up for review - all input not only welcomed, its
> strongly urged - even asked for!!!!!
> http://timelady.com/aff.txt
> committee meeting next week, so lets get this finished peeps:))))
> r:)
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